Thursday, 27 October 2016

Two altered dolls Heads for Halloween

I brought two Brats doll heads from my local charity shop for 79p each . I had a project in mine & I thought at that price if it didn't work out I've not lost much.
 When I got them home I went straight to garage to find a small hack saw & the hand drill for later on .
First job was to add false nails to the dolls which I brought a box of 100 from the 99p shop.
when the nails were dry I attacked the dolls with a drill 7 hack saw then gave them a coat of Black acrylic paint .
I the dolls dry & them sponge grey acrylic piant on the face, arms &body prats that were showing.
 Here are my finished dolls .  I think they will look good in my garden. this year.

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