Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Wreath

My Christmas wreath was made using three wreath rings brought from Hobby craft.
I love all things Disney related & anything to do with gingerbread men as well.
I first saw this idea of putting the three rings together to make a Mickey Mouse head on Facebook & many people had decorated it mostly in the Disney theme.
I had a few gingerbread men already made up & added them to the wreath .
The gingerbread men I cut from felt using a sizzix die & blanket stitched around the outside.
I went through the Christmas box to get the other decorations which I've wired on.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Tissue Box covers

I've been busy making some tissue box covers recently .
My first tissue box cover was made using green card & decorating it with Christmas scrapbook paper , a high hopes stamped image,  felt tree & wooden snow flake.
I got the pattern for this cover from youtube .

 Next I knitted up three tissue box covers using squares with a moss stitch pattern.
The cover pattern I made up myself which is pretty simple when just using squares & sewing together .
For my decoration on these a knitted a black band for the middle and added stitched on a gold pipe cleaner to make it look like a buckle .
with some white fluffy wool I knitted another band to placed around the bottom of the cover.
The only things I used a pattern for on these covers were to knit the robin, holly leaves & berries, & pine cones, that came in a knitting booklet by Jean Greenhowe.

Monday, 7 November 2016

November Tag swap

Three Christmas tags made for the swap on
The theme this month as you might have already guessed is Christmas.
Using red card as my base I then added scrapbook paper & graphic45 frames.
The poinsettias have been cut using a spellbinders die & the gingerbread men were cut with a  Sizzix die.
I also used some  tape along the bottom of my tags.  

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Two altered dolls Heads for Halloween

I brought two Brats doll heads from my local charity shop for 79p each . I had a project in mine & I thought at that price if it didn't work out I've not lost much.
 When I got them home I went straight to garage to find a small hack saw & the hand drill for later on .
First job was to add false nails to the dolls which I brought a box of 100 from the 99p shop.
when the nails were dry I attacked the dolls with a drill 7 hack saw then gave them a coat of Black acrylic paint .
I the dolls dry & them sponge grey acrylic piant on the face, arms &body prats that were showing.
 Here are my finished dolls .  I think they will look good in my garden. this year.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Tombstone #2

This is Tombstone Number two which I've made from a Polystyrene box.
I glued the lid onto the box & placed two half bricks inside so that this would help it to stay in place in the garden & not blow away because polystyrene is so light .
Using black acrylic paint I  gave the box its first coat of paint .
With I small file which I found in our garage I dug away at the polystyrene to make it look like it was well weathered & added a date . 

 When I was happy with what I'd done I gave the box a second coat of  black paint.

To make the box look a little more like stone  I sponge over everything with grey paint .
I had another box & used the just the lid this time & gave it the same paint treatment but this time carved the words Dead & Gone.
I made a cut in the top of the box so that the lid slots in & can be removed a  later day if need be.
This project didn't cost me anything as the two boxes were found dumped in a layby.   

Monday, 24 October 2016

Halloween Tombstones

This year I wanted to add more Halloween things to our garden & thought I would have a go at making my own & plus help to keep the cost down when decorating the garden & hopefully should last longer then some of these shop brought ones.
I started with a thick piece of an old chipboard shelf which was in my husbands garage which I gave a coat of white undercoat.
I then attached some rope with small tacks . 
I had a polystyrene circle which came from a pizza base & the mask I got from the works for £1.
I filled the back of the mask with newspaper & then screwed on & then added some more rope around this. 
Once everything had been glued & tacked down in place I them  used black acrylic paint all over the tomb . 
 The next and final steps was to lightly sponge over the tombstone  acrylic grey & sliver metallic paint .
I'm pleased with my first attempt with the tombstone & will be posting more things that I've made all this week so stay tuned in for more DIY Halloween projects.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Halloween Matchbox Swap

I've took part in a matchbox swap with a couple of crafting friends.
We thought we would have a Halloween theme for them.
We used the large cooks matchbox.
I painted mine black to start of with. I used some recollections Halloween paper to decorate the front & inside the box.  
 The feet I got from Asda a couple of years ago so I already had them in my stash & though they would be perfect to place on top of my box. The bats were cut with a Sizzix die in black card then glitter glue was put on top.
 The inside draw I used a printed image ,  tim Holtzs charm & some recollections embellishments  .
 Here is the draw & box cover side by side.
I ended up altering two boxes because my friends grand daughter like what we were doing & wanted to join in . Bless her she is 8yrs old.
This is the one I made for her