Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Tombstone #2

This is Tombstone Number two which I've made from a Polystyrene box.
I glued the lid onto the box & placed two half bricks inside so that this would help it to stay in place in the garden & not blow away because polystyrene is so light .
Using black acrylic paint I  gave the box its first coat of paint .
With I small file which I found in our garage I dug away at the polystyrene to make it look like it was well weathered & added a date . 

 When I was happy with what I'd done I gave the box a second coat of  black paint.

To make the box look a little more like stone  I sponge over everything with grey paint .
I had another box & used the just the lid this time & gave it the same paint treatment but this time carved the words Dead & Gone.
I made a cut in the top of the box so that the lid slots in & can be removed a  later day if need be.
This project didn't cost me anything as the two boxes were found dumped in a layby.   


  1. Fab effect and you can't beat free for your base materials! You could even count it as a good deed in clearing up some fly tipping!

  2. That looks fab, what a fantastic idea :-)