Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pumpkin Harvest Scrapbook Layout

Last year my Grandson & myself grow three pumpkins from seed for the first time last year .
We were surprised at how easy they are to grow & will definitely be  growing them again  this year . 
My grandson was so chuffed with himself when he got to harvest the pumpkins .
In my layout you can see him sat on the mud putting one of the plants in the ground & added an arrow saying "Plant".
Another picture is were you can see the pumpkins growing with the scary faces we made to keep the cats of our patch & must say they did work. The arrow I've added here is say "grow". 
Lastly the larger picture is his holding the biggest pumpkin & a beaming smile from grandson. The arrow added to this is "harvest".
The paper I've used for this layout is American crafts . I've used a Gromlet & a Flair badge.


  1. Aww, he looks very pleased and proud! It's a lovely layout, the stripey background looks great to pull all the colours together. Here's a sweet idea you might consider if you're growing pumpkins again next year - pumpkin names (scroll down a bit for the explanation) - I bet he's get a huge kick out of 'personalised' pumpkin!

  2. That's a great bold layout and your proud grandson with his pumpkin is a great subject.

  3. Fab layout & great pumpkin.

  4. Great page and it's more special that he grew the pumpkin himself xx