Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Countdown Calender

When my Grandson has an up coming event he has started to tell me how many sleeps he has left.
I thought I would make him a count down so that he can see visually how many days he has left. Also it will be a great help with numbers & counting .
I start with a thick piece of red card 11.5 x8.5,  Red is his favourite colour.
I scored the card at 4 1/4 & again at 7 1/4 inch marks
 Out came the neglected Bind it all & punched eleven holes along the both ends of the card.
 I then cut the blue wire to fit the holes punched on the card. The card with the numbers measure 1.5 x 2inch & have been rounded at the bottom stamped with numbers . First row will be 1-4, the second row is 0-9 & third row 0-9 as well.
 With the card laid out flat I then brought up the top & bottom pieces of card to meet at the top , which then gives you a triangle shape.
Then fed the wire through  remembering to add the numbers before giving it its finally squeeze in the bind it all to close the wires.
I've chosen the camping theme to decorate one side as grandsons mummy & daddy have a caravan & they all love going way on holiday in it. 
The countdown can be started at 400 if needed right down to 0.
When the counting down reaches double figures this is what it will then look like
  And when it's single figures it looks like this.