Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all.
In America Halloween is very big & just really starting to take off here in the UK.
In previous post i have been busy making treat boxes & bag ready for Trick or Treater to come calling so here are my finished things all ready for them.
Over a vase of flowers I've placed a ghost costume, He looks like he guarding the sweets.
 Earlier in the week my grandson came round so he was helping me crave some pumpkins.
He did the one with square eyes  & then lost interest so i had to finish off his one, but at least he gave it a go.
Our finished pumpkins
The house is all ready for tonight & we are quite lucky because we get quite a few children calling & all have been very nice in the past .
So now i can't wait for night to come so i can light the pumpkins , So happy Halloween to all & if your out with the children have a great time & stay safe.

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  1. I'm late for WOYWW so thought to comment here. Your house looks fab for Halloween and the pumpkins are just ace! good for you. No nd your treat bags are you've got a great reputation locally for being a great place to visit!