Wednesday, 22 February 2012


It's that Day in the week when it's ok to have a  really a good snoop into other peoples blogs.
I love seeing what others are working on & how different we all are in our crafting styles.
So come on over to Julia's place and join in the fun with  "Whats On Your Work Desk Wednesday"   by showing what you have on your crafting work desk or work space today.
So here is what i have on my work desk , which does'nt look like to much really.  I'm trying to get everything together to start work on an Altered machbox shrine. I have an idea running round in my head on how i'm going to make it , but if it actually work out that way who knows .
Oh well time to move on from here now & do some fun blogg hopping today , Happy crafting everyone . 


  1. Love the idea of the altered matchbox shrine and look forward to seeing the finished project.

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  2. I will check back as I have never seen an altered matchbox shrine...sounds interesting,.

  3. Lovely tidy desk with lovely embellishments. Good luck with your altered matchbox shrine. Your work is fab. :)

  4. OOOO must come back for more!! some lovely bits on your blog, joined as a follower as I would love to see how that matchbox turns out, Hugs May x x x x

  5. Altered matchbox sounds good. Don't forget to show it to us when you have finished it.

    Ann B
    I have blog candy if you are interested

  6. An altered matchbox shrine sounds like a fun project. Have fun with it and I hope we see the finished project. It might not look like too much on your desk but you have the boxes filled with lots of lovely findings and little treasures. That's a lot!

  7. Wow, altered matchbox know how to set yourself a task! Am impressed that you plan enough to gather stuff together first..sure helps keep your desk tidy!

  8. You have a great neat and tidy area! and I think the altered matchbox shrine is an amazing idea!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can't wait to see your altered matchbox shrine! It seems that when I gather what I think I'll use I end up dragging out so much more - do you do that?

    Happy WOYWW

    1. Yes i do that also or i change my mind completely & start over again.

  10. I have never made a matchbox shrine, but I have seen many lovely ones! Hopefully yours will be posted next week! I just signed on as a follower too! needlewings # 65

  11. Fab space, love having ideas, it's just getting them on paper I find is the trouble! Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop of the crafty & creative desks around the world. Take care Zo xx 81

  12. A little late visiting.. work area looks good. have a great week

  13. That box looks like a great place for a rummage! Have fun with the matchbox.

  14. Just popping over to spy on your desk and looks like there's plenty going on. Love your tick tock journal pages on the next post too.
    Lv JoZarty x