Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Configuration Box

My Configuration box with a Christmas display.
This outer box with three little boxes were left over from another project I'd done a few years ago when I just used the other small boxes.
I've painted the whole box inside & with two coats of gold acrylic paint.
I've used paper from DCWV to line the backs of the boxes.
Then all that was left to do was to add some Christmas decorations.
Most of the pieces you can see were things that had broken off from something else which I'd kept just in case they could used for something else, & hands up who else does this because I'm guessing I'm not along.
The red pine cone Christmas tree was made by my little grandson so I'm hoping this will be somewhere safe to keep it for many years to come.
Lastly I added the feet .


  1. You aren't alone Jill. The difference is that I never get around to doing anything with the bits. This is beautiful, and frankly, an inspiration!

  2. Lovely Christmassy display, the little pine cone tree is precious! And no, you're not alone in keeping those "just in case" bits that break off!

  3. This is gorgeous, well done on using the 'bits', I think we all have a box of those somewhere.... I might have to dig my blank printers tray out now!!