Wednesday, 2 November 2011


With Halloween well & truely now over  i'm back working on my Christmas apples that i started working on a few weeks ago.

After sewing five of the cut out shapes together & puttting stuffing inside it forms a ball shape.
I cut out some leaves & used cross stitch thread to do a running stitch along the leaves to make it look like the veins which you get on real leaves.
Using a long sewing needle & the same cross stitch thread which was used on the leaves , i sercured the thread at one end & pushed the long needle right up through the middle of my apple until it came through the over end.
Then i attached two leaves & the brown stem which is made from felt.
I then pushed the needle back down through the apple until it came out the bottom, i repeated this twice more .

Here is the finished apple .
Here's a sample of what i plan to do with them once i've finished making some more. i thought they would look nice arranged in a christmas dish with some fir cones around them.


  1. Love them - so glad you showed us the finished product, will look brilliant for Christmas decs and I need me one of those very long needles I think......

  2. Just great - fabulous in a bowl or hanging - looking good!

  3. Very creative - you've got real talent (came here from WOYWW) x

  4. The apples are brilliant, such a great decoration.

  5. They really are lovely - what a fab idea. Love the way your needle work gives the apples the dimples!

  6. Your finished apples look very effective in the dish with pine cones ... love them. Have a happy crafting week. Elizabeth x #59

  7. I used to do cottage crafts prior to my card and altered craft days, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Nice apples
    Bridget #2

  8. Great Christmas decorations, I love how homely they look in the dish with the pine cones.

    Brenda 74

  9. very nice Christmas decorations. Looks lovely in the bowl and I can see them hanging from a tree! Awesome vintage feel. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  10. These look lovely Jill. You're right, they are very similar to the ones on the cover of Mollie Makes:)